Cowboy It’s Cold Outside * A Twilight ,Texas Novel


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Everyone in town knows that Christmas in Twilight has a way of bringing lovers together . . . but will its magic bring this pair from “I won’t” to “I do”?

Wearing a too-tight “Santa Baby” costume held in by a double pair of Spanx, Paige MacGregor runs headlong into a gorgeous, grey-eyed hunk of a long, tall cowboy. And not just any cowboy, but country-western star Cash Colton, visiting Twilight to perform in a charity concert. Most women would melt at his feet, but Paige knows all too much about self-assured men with cocky attitudes, so she tells him to get lost.

Cash is in town, nursing his own broken heart, but Paige has knocked him off his feet. He’s convinced she’s perfect—someone to inspire his music and share his now-empty bed. True, he’s not marriage material, but he’s determined to convince her that they’re perfect together—at least for a while. But what he doesn’t count on is falling in love with the one woman who isn’t about to give him the time of day!

Lisa Thoughts : I want to move to Twilight,Texas. I love revisiting this great little town that Lori has created with great friendly characters. In this newest book we have two people that new to Twilight but are finding there place . And each brings baggage but Twilight has a way to bring people together especially at this time of the year. Once you visit Twilight I know you will come back for some more Texas charm so check out the author’s page for more great reads.   Lisa



author page
Lori Wilde is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over 80 romance novels. She is a three-time RITA award nominee, a four time Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice nominee and has won numerous other awards. She earned a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Texas Christian University and holds a certificate in forensics. She is also certified yoga instructor.

Her books have been translated into 27 languages and featured in Cosmopolitan, Redbook, Complete Woman, All You, Time and Quick and Simple magazines. She lives in Texas with her husband, Bill.


Saturday Morning Recommendations *

It’s Saturday Morning! And it’s cold outside . So today put the Gumbo on & lets keep warm. How about some hot reads : Lisa


Most of these came out Tuesday & I have been reading- Claiming Baily is great. Book3 -and if you haven’t read the series they are on Kindle Unlimited. Read them now.

Only for You was featured earlier this week. Check out my review here on my blog.

Look for my review for Wolf Hunger –on Sunday’s Reviews .

Susan Stoker, Claiming Bailey:
Lora Leigh, Rugged Texas Cowboy:
Louise Bay, The British Knight:
Christina Lauren, Roomies:
Sandra Brown, Two Alone:
Brittainy C. Cherry, Behind the Bars:
Kristen Proby & 1,001 Dark Nights, No Reservations:
Eve Langlais, When a Lioness Growls:
Melissa Foster, Only For You:
Paige Tyler, Wolf Hunger:
Gena Showalter, Can’t Get Enough:
Anne Conley, Hitch:
Cristin Harber, Noah:
Dale Mayer, Jace’s Jewel:
Katie Reus, Tempting Danger:
Willow Winters, Scarred:
Delilah Devlin, Soldier Boy:
Milly Taiden & Marianne Morea, Her Winter Wolves:
Elaine Levine, Forsaken Duty:
Mary Winter, Mated to the Wild:
Victoria A Ashley, Strung:
Magan Vernon-Author, For the First Time:
Kate Meader, So Over You:
Robyn Peterman, A Fashionably Dead Diary:
Lilly Holden, The SEAL’s Secret Baby:

Do You ReRead Books?

It’s been an extremely busy week with new releases,reviews and just life. And in the mist of all of this sometimes you just need something familiar Or an old friend . Sometimes it’s just Re reading previous books from series -so characters are clear when the new book comes out . Whatever your reason -Read on to some of my favorites !


Book 1 in Series

From Wall Street Journal bestselling author J. S. Scott.

Book 6 just came out but here is where it all started . Free with Kindle Unlimited this is a great series.


Book 1

Who doesn’t Love Bad boy Vamps

Book 1 in  The Protector Series. Her new book is a spin off of this series .





From my favorite Science Fiction Author – A little alien human pairing. And don’t miss the holiday book Or the newest Pets in Space book.


Here’s a sample of what’s on my list but I am sure I have left some out- What;s on your List?  Lisa

10 Reason to Re Read From Barnes & Nobles



Saturday’s Book * Tyce

Hi ! Today is Saturday – and it’s my One-Click Day and New Release’s for the past week.

  One of my long time favorite series had a new release – The latest Skin walkers book – Tyce hit Amazon. Tyce is a dominate skin walker who runs Apex . And its time for him to meet his Angel- the women who will change his life.   Release Oct 30th – I one clicked this right away. Lisa 



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It’s time for Dominant Skin Walker, Tyce Steele, to be brought to his knees!

Briel Solomon hates Skin Walkers. Because of Skin Walkers, her father is dead and she and her sister are now parentless and on the run. She’ll have to rely on Monroe StoneCrow one last time for financial assistance, but once she gets what he owes her, she’ll be gone.

Tyce’s casual indifference to the simple mission he and his team have accepted is typical. Self-assured to the point of cockiness, he knows no one is better at the hunt then he and his Apex Skin Walkers. Hell, he even finds it laughable that Monroe is willing to give up such a hefty financial prize for the simple retrieval mission of one human female. Cake! The mission is going to be a piece of cake!

Making an enemy of Monroe StoneCrow is a mistake, and taunting Monroe is going to be Tyce’s undoing. Not only has Monroe found Tyce’s Angel, he’s sending Tyce unwittingly to her. Unlike Monroe’s SkinWalkers, Tyce and his Walker Sentries at Apex haven’t had the luxury of the inoculation that delays the affliction—the instantaneous recognition of one’s mate. Tyce is about to come face-to-face with his destiny and the poor bastard has no idea!

New. New Release card isolated on white background

Laura Kaye, Ride Wild:
Brenda Novak, Right Where We Belong:
Lindsay McKenna, Wrangler’s Challenge:
Emma Hart, Miss Fix-It:
Donna Michaels, Wine and Scenery:
Sierra Simone American King:
Tessa Bailey, Follow:
Diana Palmer, Wyoming Winter:
Gena Showalter, Can’t Let Go:
Erin Nichols, Totally His:
Carrie Ann Ryan, Inked Memories:
Kindle Alexander, Reservations:
Donna Grant, The Christmas Cowboy Hero:
Meredith Wild & Mia Michelle, Misadventures of the First Daughter:
Jordan Dane, Valentine:
Roxanne St Claire, Adam:
Rhonda Brewer, Dangerous Silence:
T.m. Frazier, The Outliers:
Amy Gamet, Kidnapped by the SEAL:
Jas T. Ward, A Little Pill Called Love:
Kristen Painter, Witchful Thinking:
Author J. A. Huss, Mr. & Mrs.:
KaLyn Cooper, Unexpected Love:
Author Chris Keniston, Ian:
Aleatha Romig, Ripples:


Inked Memories * Release Day

NYT bestselling author Carrie Ann Ryan’s INKED MEMORIES is available TODAY. Read a sneak peek below and pick up your copy now – you don’t want to miss meeting the dirtiest Montgomery yet.



The Montgomery Ink series by NYT Bestselling Author Carrie Ann Ryan continues when the final Denver Montgomery sibling refuses to fall for his brother’s former flame—the company’s new plumber.

Wes Montgomery watched his entire family fall in love, and now finds himself ready to settle down. Except the one person he seems to find chemistry with is not only his twin’s ex, she also works for Montgomery Inc. But when the two find themselves in one compromising situation after another, Wes realizes he’s having second thoughts about the dynamic woman who’s burst her way into his life. Sure she sets off his temper, but she also makes him hot in every other way possible.

Jillian Reid never loved her best friend like everyone thought she should, so she pushed him away so he could have his future. Now, despite fighting it, she finds herself attracted to the one man she shouldn’t. When her father’s health takes a turn for the worse, and a danger no one saw coming show its face, she’s forced to turn to Wes for help. The two of them have fought off their attraction long enough, and each cave to the desire. But this enemies-to-lovers tale might have an ending no one ever dreamed of.

Get your hands on INKED MEMORIES now!

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Get a sneak peek of INKED MEMORIES:


Jillian tore off her shirt right beside her truck. Thankfully, she’d thought to put on her normal tank underneath like usual, even though she hadn’t planned to work that day. She needed a shower, but the fact that she’d washed her face and hands to the point of reddening her skin and was now pulling on a new shirt would at least take care of most of the damage.

Almost all of the crew was gone for the day since it had taken her much longer to do her job than probably anyone had planned. But, hell, it had been a much larger piece of crap bathroom than even Storm figured. Now, she was ready to go home, drink a beer— after her shower—and watch a Harry Potter marathon.

And didn’t that just sound like the most interesting life ever.

She sighed and honestly didn’t care all too much what others thought of that. She’d had a long day she hadn’t planned for, and she just wanted to relax her way.

After tossing her dirty shirt into the garbage bag in her truck since she knew there was no saving that particular piece of clothing, she turned and let out a silent screech. Her foot slammed into the curb, and her ankle twisted slightly. Hands out and braced for an ugly fall, everything seemed to go in slow motion as she tried not to hurt herself any worse than necessary.

Strong arms wrapped around her waist and pulled her up so her back pressed firmly into a very hard chest. Her heart raced since she still felt like she was falling even though she wasn’t, and she let out a slow breath.

“You okay?”

Of course. Of course, it was him. It couldn’t be anyone else who witnessed her clumsiness and near accident. It had to be Wes fucking Montgomery.

Where was a crevice in the earth to swallow her up and take her away from this situation when she needed one?


“I’m fine,” she grumbled. “You can take your hands off me now.”

But he didn’t.

Instead, he turned her in his hold and looked her right in the eyes. “Are you sure you’re okay?”

She swallowed hard. Why hadn’t she noticed the brightness of his eyes before? Or the way his pupils dilated when he focused on something…namely her at the moment?

“I’m fine,” she repeated. And she was. Her ankle throbbed slightly, but it wasn’t even a sprain since she’d had enough of those to tell. She’d just tweaked it a bit in her clod-hopping way of walking.

He didn’t let go.

“Seriously, Wes. You need to stop trying to baby me, or whatever the hell you think you’re doing all the time. I’m not an idiot. I can handle myself. Why do you—?”

She didn’t even know what she was going to ask at that moment because her mind went blank at the first touch of Wes’s lips to hers. Her eyes closed of their own volition, and she leaned into him. That seemed to push him harder, and he deepened the kiss, his lips soft yet firm against hers as his tongue traced the seam of her mouth. She opened for him, tangling her tongue with his as she moaned.

The sound seemed to break them both out of whatever the hell they were doing, and they pulled apart as if struck, both left panting, their chests moving quickly up and down.

“No. Not going to happen.” She held out her hands, trying to catch her breath. “Nope. No way.”

Wes looked at her as if he hadn’t seen her before, his eyes a little wide. “It was…it was an accident.”

She didn’t even flinch at that, too numb from everything else hitting her all at once. “Fine.”

She turned on her heel, grateful she hadn’t actually hurt her ankle, and jumped into her truck before turning her engine and pulling away.

“Nope,” she muttered to herself again. “Not going to happen. I’m not going to do another Montgomery and fuck myself over. And I’m sure as hell not going to do a boss Montgomery. Nope. Nope. No. No. No.”

And if she kept repeating that to herself, she just might get the damn taste of Wes Montgomery out of her mouth.


See the INKED MEMORIES trailer:

About Carrie Ann Ryan

Carrie Ann Ryan is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of contemporary and paranormal romance. Her works include the Montgomery Ink, Redwood Pack, Talon Pack, and Gallagher Brothers series, which have sold over 2.0 million books worldwide. She started writing while in graduate school for her advanced degree in chemistry and hasn’t stopped since. Carrie Ann has written over fifty novels and novellas with more in the works. When she’s not writing about bearded tattooed men or alpha wolves that need to find their mates, she’s reading as much as she can and exploring the world of baking and gourmet cooking.

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Saturday Book Spotlight & Releases

Saturday  Morning – New Release !

    So it’s a big week for Releases – and I was lucky enough to read some of them.

Gifts (ARC) -love this series. Falling Fast (ARC) – find my review on this blog.

I have Ella Boon & Mary Ann Jordon -downloaded but on my weekend read list.

Also – Leopard Blood (  looks good  & on my Li bray  List)


Halloween Time  &  Magic & Mayhem series of books is a winner . From great authors for -$1.99   Magic & Mayhem


Brynne Asher, Gifts:
Aurora Rose Reynolds, Falling Fast:
Heather Graham & 1,001 Dark Nights, Hallow Be The Haunt:
Lauren Blakely, Hard Wood:
K. Bromberg, Cuffed:
Sara York, Brushstrokes:
Christine Feehan, Leopard’s Blood:
Lani Lynn Vale, Go To Hail:
Staci Hart, A Little Too Late:
Lilly Holden, Bad Boy SEAL
Maryann Jordan, Finding Peace:
JB Salsbury, The Final Fight:
Elle James, Ronin’s Return:
Brenda Rothert, Alpha Mail:
Chelle Bliss, Acquisition:
Barbara Freethy, Ryder:
Elle Boon, Delta Redemption:
Ainsley Booth, Personal Escort:
Laramie Briscoe, Hurricane:
Terri Anne Browning, Tainted Butterfly:
Jessica Hawkins, Move the Stars:
Ciara Knight, Homecoming in Christmas Falls:


Review – Wicked Witch

Friday ‘s After 5 Book Club – feature book is a new release this week from one of my favorite authors

book link


What do tattoos, witches, vampires, a sexy shifter, and an earring-wearing cat have in common…? Definitely something WICKED!

Being a woman in the tattoo business isn’t easy, but Wicked makes it work. But being a witch with a headbanging, rock ‘n’ roll familiar, and having a sexy panther shifter as a landlord makes life… interesting. Throw in some vampire warriors and a whole town of shifters, and things are bound to get a little crazy.

Drop in and visit the town of Assjacket for this wickedly hilarious mixture of paranormal personalities.

My Book thoughts- Perfect Halloween read. Wicked (love the name) is a witch & a tattooist with witch ties to VC Warriors ( The Protectors series) , She’s got a funny familiar (Bruce)  & a hot panther shifter landlord who has her in his sights. Read the book and find out how it all comes to a happy ending.  Lisa





Witches Brew Halloween Cocktail
  • Grey Goose Vodka
  • Triple Sec
  • Blue Curacao
  • Juice of one Lime
  • Black Sugar for coating the glass
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