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Chased * Clarissa Wild

Title: Chased
Author: Clarissa Wild
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date: February 12, 2018
I’m filthy rich … and ruthless.
I live for the hunt. The chase.
My desires aren’t exactly normal.


But neither is she … The girl I bought.

She’s innocent and blind.

Perfect for all my wicked needs.

Perfect to prove just how far I’m willing to go.


But there’s just one problem …
I’m falling for her. Deep. Hard. Fast.
Even though I’m the bad guy. The man who keeps her locked away.
I’ll do anything to make her stay.
One thing’s for sure … She will be mine.


WARNING: This book contains very disturbing content
that may be offensive to readers.


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metallic slides open. It pokes my skin. A blade?
He slowly
slides it down my skin along the same line he kissed me, right around my
collarbone. Not deep enough to hurt me … but sharp enough to let me know who’s
in charge.
Then he
pushes it down along the shirt, forcing the buttons to pop. Cutting the fabric
in half at various points, he must be destroying the shirt completely.
flabbergasted as he continues to the bottom, slicing it open.
With just
the tip of the knife, he slides open the shirt, revealing my naked body.
I don’t
even care that he can see me.
He already
watched when I was under the shower, and my body is a commodity anyway.
With just a
nudge, he manages to slip it off my shoulders, leaving me completely bare.
Except for the fresh panties I found in the drawer that I’m currently wearing.
He pushes
the knife underneath the fabric, barely avoiding my skin, and then cuts through
Even my
panties don’t get a pass.
He rips
them off and throws them away.
And I’m
left utterly naked. Vulnerable. Weak.
It’s what
he likes. What he craves.
learned that much.
“Take off
my shirt,” he says, his voice dark and heavy.
I swallow
away the lump in my throat and start at the bottom, unbuttoning each one
carefully so I don’t anger him. As my hand goes up, I pass thick, rippling
muscles, and they make my mouth water.
Fuck. I
shouldn’t at all be liking what I feel. Not at all.
I continue until
I get to the top, knowing he’s watching my every move. Hell, he’s probably
checking out my body right this very moment, but I don’t even care. It’s not as
if he hasn’t seen me before. This is all a play … a show of power.
He’s got me
right where he wants me, and he’s loving it.
I can tell
from the way he holds his breath as my hands push underneath the shirt and
slide it off his shoulder. Then I sit back down again.
“Unzip me,”
he says, still very much towering over me.
I do what
he says, unbuttoning his pants and unzipping them until his boxer shorts are
exposed … and the hard dick underneath.
When my
hands leave his body, he grasps my wrist and stops me. “Boxers too,” he adds
I swallow
again before curling my fingers under the elastic band and pulling them down
along with his pants. I have to drag them over a considerable bulge, and it
makes me suck in a breath the moment it pops. I don’t even have to see it to
know it’s big.
“Wrap your
hand around it,” he says.
Author Bio


Clarissa Wild is a New York Times & USA Today
Bestselling author, best known for the dark Romance novel Mr. X. Her novels
include the Fierce Series, the Delirious Series, the Stalker Duology,
Twenty-One (21), Ultimate Sin, Viktor, Unprofessional Bad Boys Series, RUIN,
Indecent Games Series, Father, and Caged. She is also a writer of various
erotic romances. She is an avid reader and writer of sexy stories about hot men
and feisty women. Her other loves include her furry cat friend and learning
about different cultures. In her free time she enjoys watching all sorts of
movies, reading tons of books and cooking her favorite meals.
Want to get an
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Wis key River * Theresa Oliver


Title: Whiskey River

Series: Whiskey River Brides #1

Author: Theresa Oliver
Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing

Genre: Historical Romance

Release Date: February 10, 2018


Begin the journey to 1870s Whiskey River in this thrilling
romantic adventure series, Whiskey River (Whiskey River Brides series).
Within a tough city girl beats the untamed heart of a wild spirit…

Ella Raines may not have the best reputation in New York, but she’s determined
to have respect. Knowing she will achieve this with a fresh start, Ella answers
an advertisement for a mail-order bride in an up-and-coming Western town,
Whiskey River, Wyoming.

Colton Hill is a wandering gunslinger seeking new horizons and is tired of
being challenged because he’s the fastest gun around. When he meets Ella, he’s
amused by her unusual ambition and agrees to tag along to Whiskey River.

Together, they travel Westward in search of happiness, purpose, and destiny.
What they find instead is the spark of something they cannot control.

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Releasing March 24, 2018




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Author Bio
An educator, writer,
mother, and free spirit, Theresa Oliver’s love affair with the written word has
spanned decades. An Indiana native, Theresa began the foundation of her writing
career as a child. Her love of reading, writing, and creative expression guided
her to seek a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, News Editorial sequence,
from the University of Tennessee at Martin; and then continued on to earn a Master
of Arts in Teaching degree, Early Childhood Education sequence, from Armstrong
Atlantic State University.

Her foundational
experiences in childhood led her to want to create meaningful, positive
experiences with reading and writing for future generations, and inspire the
same love of creative expression that has been such a rewarding force behind
her career and life.

Theresa has
dedicated her life to the world of writing and the creation of novels that span
all levels and genres. First and foremost a mother, her greatest loves are her
three beautiful boys, to whom she dedicates the success and longevity of her
prolific career. Theresa currently resides in Kissimmee, Florida with her
beloved husband and children.


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Protector of Midnight

Some secrets refuse to remain buried…

The winged messiahs who rule the district beyond the pearly gates have given humanity a choice: live outside with the threat of being warped by magic, or petition for entry at the cost of their free will. The deal sucks for others, but its fine by Serenity Harker, because outside no one can discover her secret hunger. Outside, Serenity can go on pretending she has control. But one slip is all it takes for her carefully crafted facade to unravel.

Exiled to Midnight, the district of moonlight and monsters, her hunger finally has a name. Here Nephilim Protectorate are the only line of defence between humans and dangerous magic. The protectorate males want to help her fit in, but their terrifying, charismatic leader refuses to let her off the leash. Just when it feels like she’s banging her head against pectorals of steel, a chance to prove her worth leads to a case that will test the limits of her control. The stakes are raised, and the nightmare begins.

It looks like she may have to do the unthinkable. She may have to lose control.

A Kick-ass Urban Fantasy with a slow burn reverse harem romance.

Angels, Fallen, nephilim and Arthurian legend are given a fresh twist in this sexy, thrilling urban Fantasy series. Fans of Lost girl and True blood will surely enjoy it.


About the Book

Protector of Midnight
by Debbie Cassidy

Chronicles of Midnight #1

Urban Fantasy


Publication Date
February 8, 2018

Amazon  |  Goodreads

Available On

The Chronicles of Midnight Series

Keep your eyes open for CHAMPION OF MIDNIGHT (Coming March 8th) and SECRETS OF MIDNIGHT (Coming April 5th)!




About Debbie Cassidy

Debbie Cassidy lives in England, Bedfordshire, with her three kids and very supportive husband. Coffee and chocolate biscuits are her writing fuels of choice, and she is still working on getting that perfect tower of solitude built in her back garden. Obsessed with building new worlds and reading about them, she spends her spare time daydreaming and conversing with the characters in her head – in a totally non psychotic way of course. She writes High Fantasy, Urban Fantasy and Science Fiction. Debbie also writes dark, diverse Urban Fantasy fiction, under the pen name Amos Cassidy, with her best friend Richard Amos.

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Love Found * Rene Webb

Spend a steamy Valentine’s Day with Aaron and Nina!

New Contemporary Romance from Rene Webb – Love Found is Available Now!
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Title: Love Found
Author: Rene Webb
Series: A Pinetree Novel
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 26, 2018
Length: 122 pages
Format: Digital

In FINDING SUNSHINE Aaron and Nina over-came Aaron’s dark past to find a future together.

Will their Valentine’s Day go according to plan?

The honeymoon is over…

This is where their happily-ever-after begins…

Available at: Amazon

Excerpt One:
Holding myself up with one arm, I slide my other hand up along her ribcage until I’m cupping her breast. Her soft skin is chilled from the cold air. I brush my thumb over her already erect nipple and I feel a shiver move through her body.
“Are you cold?” I mutter, against the skin of her neck.
“No,” Nina laughs. “Your beard does things to me.”
“Really?” I continue to kiss and tease her.
Nina’s fingers scratch the back of my neck as she pulls me closer, wrapping her leg around my waist. She writhes in excitement underneath me, and releases her own satisfied moan.
I pull away, unhooking her leg and smile down at my sunshine. Her red puffy lips are pouting, wanting me to continue. There is nothing sexier than seeing my woman looking up at me with desire – knowing that I can and will do anything to give her pleasure.
“These tights have to go,” I tell her kneeling up so I can reach down and begin revealing the rest of her body, that I know lies hidden underneath.
“Leggings,” she reminds me breathlessly, fisting my hair as I lick and suck the skin above her hipbones, leaving my mark. If my woman can still correct me, then I have not made her mindless with pleasure, which is my ultimate goal. Nothing gets me harder, faster, than getting my wife hot and wet.

Excerpt Two:
“Sunshine, what’s the difference between a Facebook page and a Facebook profile?” I ask, staring at the login screen. Willing it to all make sense. Online communities have never interested me, but I do realize you can’t run a successful business without utilizing them.
“What are you doing?” Nina comes out of the kitchen to look over my shoulder.
“Trying to figure out what online profiles I need to create for the pub,” I answer, looking at my notepad where I’ve listed several online communities.
“Do you want my help?” Nina wraps her arms around my neck from behind; I lean my head back into her chest and rub her arms gently.
“You wouldn’t mind?” I continue to stare blankly at the computer screen.
“Of course not.” She kisses my forehead. “All you have to do is ask.”
“I’ve got a shit ton of other stuff to do today, but would you want to come to the office with me tomorrow morning and help?” I tilt my head back further in order to see her face, which is smiling down at me.
“Sounds like fun.” She gives me a squeeze, before letting go and heading back into the kitchen. Stopping after several steps Nina turns and smiles, “I should warn you. I don’t come cheap.”
I laugh. “Don’t worry. I’ll make it worth your while.” Her resounding giggle sets me into a much better mood.
Nina has a way of always making my mood brighter!
Excerpt Three:
As I walk back into the room Aaron is tucking his phone back into his pocket. Looking up at me, he smiles and holds out his hand for the container and says, “Dessert… great idea, Sunshine.”
“I thought we’d have cookies first,” I tell him with a smile, handing over the container and sitting on the sofa next to him.
“What did Richard want?”
Setting the cookies aside Aaron reaches over and takes my hand, pulling me to straddle his lap. “Nothing. I told him I’d call him back tomorrow.”
He cups the back of my neck and pulls me into a heated kiss, while his other hand works its way up the back of my baggy sweatshirt. Our breath mingles, our teeth clash and our tongues move together in a fevered dance. Aaron’s calloused fingers move along the skin of my back. I shiver as the familiar warmth runs through me.
He pulls back just enough to groan, “Fuck, Sunshine,” before removing his hand from where it’s tangled in my hair to grab my backside roughly. I rock against him, feeling him harden beneath his jeans.
“Cookies first?” I ask, pulling away and picking up the forgotten container.
“I don’t think anything tastes as good as you,” Aaron comments, before shoving almost the entire cookie into his mouth at once.
“Not even your favorite cookies?” I grab his wrist and force him to feed me the remaining cookie from his hand. He gives me a playful scowl.
“These are pretty amazing…” He reaches over and grabs another cookie.
“How can you even taste it, when you shove it practically whole into your mouth?” I ask, leaning forward and taking another bite from his hand.
“Don’t worry, I can.” He mumbles around his mouthful, and then he swallows thickly. “Now I just need to taste you Sunshine, so I can compare.”
I smile as his eyes widened, while he watches me reach down, pull up my sweatshirt and toss it onto the sofa beside us.
After shoving the remaining piece of cookie in his mouth, Aaron glides his hands slowly up my side and cups my breasts. A shiver runs through me and I lean forward into his warmth. I nip, suck, and tease the delicate skin behind his ear as he continues to gently knead my breasts.
One hand moves from between our bodies to cup the back of my head, and then Aaron directs our lips into a rough peanut butter flavored nipping kiss. I groan, grinding my sex against his increasing hardness. A growl reverberates within Aaron, as he wraps his arms around me.
“Aaron.” I cry out in surprise breaking the heated kiss as he stands, picking me up with him. I instinctively tighten my hold around his neck and raise my legs to wrap round his narrow waist.
“Hold on,” he chuckles, walking us towards the bedroom.


Author Bio:
Rene Webb, a former Catholic schoolgirl and child of the ‘80’s, is a recovering Soap Opera addict who grew up watching General Hospital. She became weary with the relentless drama and sought out stories with happy endings that lasted. Now, Rene is an contemporary romance author, where there is always a happily-ever-after!
A graduate of The George Washington University in Washington DC, 05’, with a BA in History. Rene went on to get her Masters in Film Studies, 09’, from Chapman University, Orange CA.
She founded and runs the book blog Lit. 4 Ladies (a joint venture with her sister) and has self-published both a novella and full-length contemporary romance novel.
Authors such as Jane Austen, Kristen Ashley, Cherise Sinclair, Sierra Cartwright, Donna Fletcher, Jennifer Ashley, and Bianca Giovanni have inspired her. They all create strong female characters, swoon-worthy men, and stories that leave their readers with the hope that you, too, will find your own H.E.A.!
Rene also enjoys reading, baking, seeing movies, going to museums, and spending time with her friends and family.
Rene lives in Arlington, VA.
You can visit her online at the following places: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Amazon | Instagram | Pinterest

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The ReBound







The last time I saw Nevada Kane, I was seventeen and he was loading his things into the back of his truck, about to embark on a fourteen-hour drive to the only college that offered him a full ride to play basketball.

I told him I’d wait for him. He promised to do the same.

But life happened. I broke my promise long before he ever broke his. And not because I wanted to.

We never saw each other again …
Until ten years later when Nevada unexpectedly returned to our hometown after an abrupt retirement from his professional basketball career.

Suddenly he was everywhere, always staring through me with that brooding gaze, never returning my smiles or “hellos.”

Over the years, I’d heard that he’d changed. And that despite his multi-million dollar contracts and rampant success, life hadn’t been so kind to him.

He was a widower.

And a single father.

And rumor had it, he’d spent his last ten years trying to forget me, refusing to so much as breathe my name … hating me.

But just like a rebound, he’s back.

And I have to believe everything happens for a reason.





Wall Street Journal and #1 Amazon bestselling author Winter Renshaw is a bona fide daydream believer. She lives somewhere in the middle of the USA and can rarely be seen without her trusty Mead notebook and ultra portable laptop. When she’s not writing, she’s living the American dream with her husband, three kids, and the laziest puggle this side of the Mississippi.
And if you’d like to be the first to know when a new book is coming out, please sign up for her private mailing list here —>


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Title: Pulse
Series: The Luminous Rock Series #1
Author: K E Osborn
Genre: Rock Romance
Release Date: January 17, 2018
She makes
my pulse race.
From the
moment I laid eyes on her in that ridiculous giraffe onesie, I knew this girl
would rock my world.
Effa’s the
lead singer of the world-famous rock band, Luminous.
And I’m
their new lighting tech, Kaden ‘Mercs’ Mercury.
Going on
tour with an all-female rock band would be simple you’d think, but these girls
aren’t an easy push-over.
All the
while things back home are taking a turn for the worse, and I’m losing a battle
of my own that might come back to bite me on the ass if I’m not careful. My
only distraction from the ensuing chaos – a bubbly blonde lead singer, destined
to brighten my life.
But with an
all-male backup band, tensions are bound to run high when jealousy flares, and
lines are blurred.
She sets my
pulse racing, but am I enough to kickstart her heart?


Purchase Links
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Coming Soon
Releasing February 21, 2018

Author Bio

Australian author K E Osborn was born and raised in
Adelaide, South Australia. With a background in graphic design and a flair for
all things creative, she felt compelled to write the story brewing in her mind.
Writing gives her life purpose. It makes her feel, laugh,
cry, and get completely enveloped with the characters and their story lines.
She feels completely at home when writing and wouldn’t consider doing anything
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