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We’ve been selling books at comic cons, art festivals, and outdoor markets since 2010. It’s time to embrace a new kind of bookstore, so we’re building one.
Crimson Melodies Pub. is a small press that features speculative fiction with a dark or thrilling twist. Most of our heroes are flawed, and all of them will capture your attention. We’ve been publishing more than a book a year since 2009, ranging from dark urban fantasy to romantic suspense to historical fantasy with magical elements.
Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform tailored for all sorts of creative projects. Creators offer rewards as a way to form a community and gather support for the project that they’re working on. Our Kickstarter is about creating a pop-up bookstore. We’re offering rewards as simple as a digital download of a short-story collection from our authors, to custom created artwork of the main characters in two of our published series. There’s also bookmarks, stickers, and our entire catalog of books up for grabs.
Come find out how to get your next favorite summer read, or pick up a new favorite bookmark and stickers to decorate your tablet, phone, or e-reader. Plus you get to help make our new pop-up bookstore really come to life.
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Crimson Melodies Publishing – an independent small press for speculative fiction. We sell our books both digitally and in print, and one of the ways we reach readers is by exhibiting at conventions like comic con.

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Addison Cole * Seized by Love at Seaside

Dive into the Newest Sweet with Heat Romance!


Sweet with Heat: Seaside Summers #7
Addison Cole
Releasing Feb 7, 2018


Barber runs a successful flower shop by day and secretly hosts the Naked Baker
webcast at night to help pay for her younger sister’s education. To keep
friends and family from finding out about her sexy secret, she’s put her social
life on hold until her sister’s education is paid off and she can stop filming
the webcast.
Blue Ryder
fell hard for Lizzie when he met her a year ago, and he hasn’t been able to get
her off his mind since. Everything about the feisty little brunette, cuts
straight to his heart. Though Lizzie has turned down every invitation he’s
extended—Blue is not about to give up trying.
Lizzie’s kitchen brings Blue further into Lizzie’s life, and the oven is not
the only thing heating up. One night and one powerful kiss changes everything.
But when Lizzie’s secret is revealed and the safe bubble she’s hidden in
shatters, true love may not be enough to put the pieces back together.


Seized by Love at Seaside is the sweet edition of the steamy
romance novel Seized by Love by
Melissa Foster.


Start the series for FREE with 
Read, Write, Love at Seaside



Cole is the sweet alter ego of New York Times and USA Today bestselling
and award-winning author Melissa Foster. She writes humorous and emotional sweet
contemporary romance. Her books do not include explicit sex scenes or harsh
language. Addison spends her summers on Cape Cod, where she dreams up wonderful
love stories in her house overlooking Cape Cod Bay. 

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The Best Man’s Proposal
by Wynter Daniels
Release Date: 9/18/2017

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Niki Hamilton had her hopes pinned on moving to Europe with her boyfriend. But
then he dumped her. By text message. Just before her sister’s wedding. Left
dateless in a flamingo-pink monstrosity of a bridesmaid dress, she decides to
drown her sorrows in a glass of tall, dark, and handsome.

Firefighter Grant Powers has been burned by love, but when his best friend’s
new sister-in-law falls into his arms—and stays there for one sexy night—he
enjoys the experience a little too much.

Then a rental snafu leaves Niki temporarily homeless. So, gentleman and
masochist that he is, Grant offers his spare bedroom. Despite the smoldering
sexual tension between them, starting anything would be playing with fire.
Now, they just have to survive living together for a few weeks…


Mail Call

It’s always exciting to get a package in the mail. Especially when it’s book related.

A big Thank You to the authors and everyone from- we got your romance needs covered facebook page. My package is great .

Thanks -its a pleasure to help promote everyone’s books and introduce everyone to your great books. Lisa 

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