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Pleasure and Punishment by LaSasha Flame

Pleasures and Punishments by LaSasha Flame
Published December 31, 2018 by LaFlame Publishing
From treasured to trashed…
Imprisoned by Master Ben and serving out her punishment for betraying him, Caroline is now a pleasure slave. Hours turn to days. Days turn to weeks. It seems like her torment will never end. That is, until Caroline discovers Master is getting rid of her, and each session is an audition for a potential new owner.
Caroline must impress the visiting Masters so they will free her from Master Ben’s wrath. Things get really interesting when Derrick, the one who she betrayed her Master for, shows up as one of the interested suitors! Caroline’s hopes are quickly shattered when she learns that Derrick’s biggest competition for ownership of her is none other than the sadistic and cruel Blue-Eyed Devil himself, Carson, Master’s long-time friend. 
Her pleasures are laced with her pains. Will she be able to endure any more punishments at the hands of her Master? Better yet, can Derrick help Caroline gain her freedom without exposing their dirty little secret?
This is a dark, short series which dabbles in BDSM and ends with a HEA.
Breaking All the Rules by LaSasha Flame
Breaking All the Rules is an erotic short story of a submissive’s first time attending a luxurious BDSM ball. Caroline is under strict orders not to play with anyone other than her Master, but when she notices a smoldering hot Derrick the attraction is instant and all consuming. Can she make it through the night obedient to her Master or will she forever be changed from one forbidden encounter?
“The dominant in him not liking me turning my back on him but the man in him dying to have me. The fire in his eyes scared and excited me at the same time because I knew in that moment he said fuck the rules.” – Excerpt from Breaking All the Rules
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About the Author:
Hey guys! Thank you for having me!
Let me introduce myself: I’m a young author from Chicago, I’m hoping to bring some new heat and sizzle to the romance genre.
My favourite genres are paranormal and dark romance. I love reading a good book but I’m so busy in life that I only get to enjoy audio books. Its the only way I can get lost in a good book nowadays. And you know what? I half prefer an audio book over print any day! I have a long standing membership at Audible and I plan to publish audio books for busy bookworms like myself! Yay!
My love of writing started when a friend of mine encouraged me to write a short story and just see what happens. Turns out I had a knack for writing because everyone loved my short stories. From then on I have worked on improving my craft. Growing from flash fictions to novels. I am really looking forward to sharing all the twisty goodness I have planned!
Thank you & Much love and Sizzle!
LaSasha Flame O X O X


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Don’t Say Goodbye * Pre Order Now

Banner.pngDON’T SAY GOODBYE by Heather Lyn releases December 4th!!

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Don't Say Goodbye Ebook

Nacole Ward
The one thing that controlled my life.
The reason I stayed.
But ultimately the reason I left.
Tragedy and emptiness marred my existence.
A fresh start was all I was after.
Instead, I found things I never expected.
Love. Happiness. A reason.
I found him.

Garret Walker
Serve and protect.
Not just my career—it’s my life.
Climb the ladder, reach the top.
Finding love wasn’t a part of my priorities.
She wasn’t looking for a hero.
But life had other plans.
For her. For me.
Now we have to fight together.
Or I’ll lose her.
And I’m not about to let that happen.

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Don't Say Goodbye Paperback.jpg


“Come in!” I yell, rinsing the coffee cup out, turning around to find him behind me. His dark hair is curling out from below the baseball hat he has on, and his black T-shirt hugs his arms and chest in all the right ways. And don’t even get me started on those damn Wranglers. Worn and tight. Looking up, his blue eyes are filled with laughter and I know I’ve been caught.

“Morning,” he greets, and I can’t help myself. Laughing, I rush over and give him a hug, burying my face into his chest, the smell of his cologne heaven.

“Where’d you go?” I ask, pulling away from him. He brushes my wet hair off my face, his fingers playing with the strands.

“Went home to shower. Wasn’t sure how you’d feel about me using yours and I didn’t want to wake you up to ask.”

My eyebrows raise in surprise. “Are you even real?”

Garret starts cracking up, then kisses the top of my head before stepping past me to toss a bag on the counter. “Of course I’m real.”

“I don’t think you are. You’re like, a book boyfriend come to life.”

“A what?” He laughs even harder.

“A book boyfriend. You know, the hero in romance novels who is all swoony, and alpha, and perfect? He always gets the girl because he’s this amazing guy who knows all the right things to say and do. He’s just the definition of a romantic boyfriend.”

Garret crosses his arms over his chest and leans against the kitchen counter. “So, what you’re telling me is, is I’m perfect?”

“Only if you take me out for breakfast,” I chide, resting my hands on my hips.

“Now that I can definitely do.”




Heather Lyn is a contemporary romance author. She lives in beautiful York ME with her husband and son. She is a fan of the New England Patriots, Boston Red Sox, Reading, Country Music, and Coffee. She has had a lifelong love for reading.



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Coming Soon !Christmas at the Clubhouse


Christmas at the Clubhouse 
Charity MC Anthology

Cover Reveal


Cover Designed Donated by The Final Wrap
Formatting by Ashley Wheels

Join 12 of your favorite MC authors as they bring you 11 inside look stories at how Christmas is done at their Clubhouse. ALL proceeds from this release will benefit Toys for Tots.
Badger’s Christmas Chance by Aden Lowe
Badger considers life outside the Hell Raiders MC, but to get the woman he’s
always wanted, plus pecan pie, can he stay put?
Silver Belles by Avelyn Paige
The big day has finally arrived for Raze and Darcy. Everything is finally
falling into place, but just before the wedding bells can ring, disaster strikes.
Now, Darcy is between a rock and a hard place. She must choose between pure
wedding bliss or no wedding at all. 

A Sinner’s Christmas by Colbie Kay

Bam Bam thought this Christmas would be like every other year at the clubhouse
until the door opens and the woman he could never have is pushed into his arms.
Santa…Nope The Grimm Wolves by D.M. Earl

When one of their own needs help will the club be able to pull together in time
or will their efforts be too late?

A Bastard for Christmas by Emily Minton and Shelley Springfield

Mistletoe, presents, and decorations, it’s Christmas time again. Let’s gather
around the tree and sing some carols. Screw that. We’re doing this biker
style. Whiskey, women, and weed. It’s time to celebrate like a Bastard.

A Korrupted Christmas by Geri Glenn

Tease hates the holidays, but most of all Christmas. And now, with his club
dealing with yet another catastrophe, he could do without it entirely. But that
isn’t going to fly with Laynie. She’s determined to give her man a festive dose
of Christmas spirit, whether he likes it or not.

A Forsaken Mistlehoe by JC Emery 

Tomorrow is Christmas, but I’m unwrapping my present tonight. Zander Strand is
MC royalty and the love of my life. So what if he doesn’t know I exist? He
doesn’t need my name to make this angel’s bells ring. I just hope he can get
it in and I can get out before anybody realizes who I really am.

Savage Christmas by Kathleen Kelly

Can Dane find Kat the ‘perfect’ Christmas present? Or will all his efforts
be in vain as his club, his kids and those closest to him foil all his hard

Steeling Christmas By K E Osborn

When a club girl vanishes, Steel and his brothers will do all they can to get
her back, even delving into the life he thought he’d left behind. Can Steel
keep his life in order or will he lose it all… just in time for Christmas?

Merry F’n Christmas by Kerri Ann

Christmas hasn’t been a pleasant event in my life or the club. Oubliette–the
tinsel terrorist–is trying to make Christmas great here in the Broken Bows.
Will it kill me?

Most Rikki-Tik by MariaLisa DeMora

Kirby Westbrook came home from overseas with a mission, to resurrect his
grandfather’s MC.


PLEASE NOTE – Christmas at the Clubhouse will be live on all platforms for 7 days, before moving to Kindle Unlimited.

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Pre Order Blitz *Beauty of the Dark Boxset



Beauty of the Dark Boxset is set to release October 31st!


Ebook Cover

“Delicious. Tantalizing. Mysterious.”

For the first time, the Beauty of the Dark trilogy is bundled together, including an exclusive short story. Experience the intrigue, magic, romance, and heartbreak with Kiara, Trent, and Kaleib. From a sinister demon to unthinkable betrayal to forbidden feelings…can they overcome their differences? Will Trent and Kiara give in to their connection? Find out who prevails in this epic battle.

Includes: Scarred, Burned, Angel!




Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00014]



Amanda Leigh has had a love of words since before she could write them herself. Once she learned to read and write herself she just couldn’t stop. She reads any genre as long as the book sounds interesting. Which may explain why she can’t and never will be able to stick to one genre in her writing. From Contemporary Romance to Women’s Fiction to Paranormal Romance to Poetry and more to come. When she’s not writing or reading she enjoys getting swept away in a great TV show, going to the theater, listening to music, cooking and many different forms of art. She has a cat she adores and also loves Psychology, tea, coffee, chocolate and Elvis Presley. Not necessarily in that order. Feel free to get in touch with her.


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Pre Order *Cassie ( Rebel Wayfarers MC #12)



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Cassie (Rebel Wayfarers MC #12)

The final main book in the Rebel Wayfarers MC saga.

Oct. 29, 2018

@MariaLisa deMora

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Pre- Order + Giveaway ! Eagle by Janie Crouch


Eagle Teaser October 10.jpg


PRE-ORDER + GIVEAWAY!!! Eagle by Janie Crouch is releasing October 30!!!

“Hands down, one of the best books I’ve read this year. Absolutely sizzling.” – Romantic Suspense Reviews

“This book has blown me away!” – Goodreads reviewer

Pre-order now!!!




Enter to win a $20 Amazon gift card ➩

He’s fighting for what’s right.

She’s fighting just to survive…

When former Special Forces soldier Finn Bollinger is asked to help with a deadly government mission, he’s up for the task. His job teaching survival skills to civilians at Linear Tactical keeps him sharp, and he can still handle himself in the field.

But the Army damn well didn’t teach Finn how to handle Charlotte Devereux. She’s back and she’s all sorts of bad news.

Charlotte can’t change the past. Can’t change the choices she made or the fact that they cost her everything. All she can do is endure the fallout. Even if that means putting her future in the hands of Finn, the man who has every right to want to destroy her.

And can in so many more ways than he thinks.

When the undercover mission goes impossibly wrong, they’ll all have to depend on Charlotte’s strength in order to survive. But everyone has a breaking point…

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#1 Cyclone




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Coming Soon * Love on the Ranch


Love on the Ranch by Ciara Knight releases October 16th!
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Elizabeth McKinnie will no longer accept men ruling her life. After the Civil War devastated her family home and having no way to survive, Elizabeth accepts one of the mail-order bride proposals presented to her and her sisters. She chooses a man who promises to treat her as an equal. Her sister convinces her to switch suitors, proclaiming the weather in Texas would be more suitable for Elizabeth’s weak lungs. Agreeing, she heads west to meet the mysterious cattle baron she knows little about.

Jeb Clayton grew up as a poor son of a drunkard. He has worked his entire life to ensure he never starves again. He is a man who understands cows better than women, especially after watching the fairer sex manipulate his father into an early grave. Still, he begrudgingly agrees to marry a sturdy bride to produce sons who can help build his ranch into an empire. Yet, what he sees getting off the stagecoach is a whisper-of-a-woman with undesirable birthing hips.
When Elizabeth’s and Jeb’s futures are threatened will they join forces, or will their bitterness be their end?

Susan rolled Elizabeth’s head from Jeb’s shoulder and patted her cheeks. “Wake up, dear.” She smacked her harder. “Wake up.”

Adrenaline pumped through Jeb. If there was one thing he couldn’t witness, it was a woman in trouble. It did things to him he didn’t like.

Charles pounded on the wall behind him and the horses slowed.

“Elizabeth?” He turned to her and found her lips blue and her eyes rolled back in her head. His muscles tightened, his gut twisted.

The stagecoach rolled to a stop and the man on the end opened the door and everyone spilled out of the carriage. Jeb lifted Elizabeth and handed her off to the man that had been at her other side.

By the time Jeb reached the ground, Susan was on her knees at Elizabeth’s side, and everyone stood around, looking down at her gasping for air.

He found himself matching her breath for breath. “Anyone know what’s wrong?”

“No, she was fine the entire way here. Until you boarded the stagecoach,” Susan said with clipped speech.

Charles put his hand on his wife’s shoulder. “I doubt it’s him, dear.”

She shot a sideways glance of disapproval at Jeb.

“What else? Anything else change at the stop? Perhaps she ate something that she had a problem with?”

“Dress.” Susan looked up at him. “Her dress. She changed it. Maybe the corset is too tight. We could—”

He didn’t waste any time. If there was one thing he’d learned raising cattle, time meant everything. The faster you worked, the better the outcome. He slid his knife from its holder, rolled Elizabeth onto her side, slid the knife carefully under the neck of the material, and sliced down. Then he cut the string and yanked the corset loose.

After a second, she gasped for air and coughed. He rolled her over and saw the color in her lips and face returning.

“You’ll be fine now.” He stroked her cheek with the back of his knuckles and found her skin softer than any horse mane he’d ever touched.

Jeb watched as Elizabeth’s green eyes blinked and focused on him. “What happened?”

Susan huffed behind him. “You are an animal.”

Jeb looked up at her. “What are you talking about? I saved her life. That stupid-looking, impractical dress nearly choked her to death.”

“My dress?” Elizabeth said in only a whisper. She blinked, then her eyebrows pulled tight toward the center. “What did you do to my dress?” She shrieked and shot up but swooned again. With a hand to her head, she took a moment, then reached around her back. “Oh, my dear lord, what have you done!”

Charles cleared his throat. “I think he did what he thought was best to save your life.”

Susan glowered at her husband, and he shut his mouth. The man was controlled by a woman. That was never going to happen to Jeb. Ever.

Ciara Knight is a USA Today and Amazon Bestselling author who writes ‘A Little Edge and A Lot of Heart’ that spans the heat scales. Her popular sweet romance series, Sweetwater County (rated PG), takes readers into small town romance full of family trials, friendly competition, and community love.


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Cover Reveal * Boss man Hot Pants

ember boosman cover reveal



Bossman Hot Pants (Daddy Duet Book 2) by Ember-Raine Winters
Release Date: November 13th

Bossman Hot Pants ebook 1.jpg


A terrible accident took my whole world from me eight years ago. Now, another one threatens to do the same. Especially when Tiffany wakes up. It should be the relief I’ve needed the last two weeks, but all I get is one horrible obsticle after the other. How will we ever make it through this?

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Grab Book One, Daddy Hot Pants:

DHP Tease 1.jpg




Ember-Raine Winters lives in sunny California with her two beautiful kids and a wolf. Also known as Apache her pure white Siberian Husky. She loves writing romance and reading just about anything she can get her hands on. And, football! She loves watching football and going to games. It’s one of her favorite ways to unwind. She dislikes the super-hot temperatures in her city and exercise. She hates to exercise but somehow her sister still gets her to do it every day. She also thinks it’s completely awkward talking about herself in third person. Ember loves connecting with readers so don’t be afraid to stalk her and drop her a line on social media.


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Steel Constant Craving * Day 4





Release Date – September 6th

#Preorder your copy for 99c ➔

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My past defines me.
I will always be looking over my shoulder and fighting the demons that haunt my nightmares.
I will always be one step away from the scourge of addiction. One step away from them.

Steel Fallon is everything I love… almost.
He wants me. He craves me. He’s addicted… to me.
In one night, I gave in and let myself fly.
I was high, higher than I’d ever been.

I trusted him. I loved him. I left him.

I walked out of Steel’s life and back into the nightmares of my past. And while I scream for salvation, my heart begs for mercy, but it will never come.

My past defines me.

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Survival & Revenge *Excerpt Reveal

Survival & Revenge BANNER.png

SURVIVAL & REVENGE by Fiona Keane releases Sept. 4th.


Are you ready for the epic conclusion to the Boston Latte Trilogy?

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000447_00006]

It’s war, and the battlefield was set the day Julian refused to let me go.
Now we’re caught in the darkest chambers of the underworld fighting forces stronger than we ever could have imagined. And the harder we fight, the deeper we fall.
In a world tainted by lies and deceit, where the hunt for power determines every move made by our enemy, we have no choice but to play their game.
But even though Julian vowed to win this war, I can’t help but wonder…at what cost?

We started over twice in two months, and I was determined to do it again. I heard the shower turn off in her bathroom, happy she could function while horrified at my neglect. I’m going to fix this. I’m going to marry her. I’m going to keep her as I promised. I jumped from my bed, the destructive and hopeless thoughts shrouded beneath the need for Aideen’s skin against mine. I was met with billowing steam in the hallway before I even reached the bathroom door. Everything ached for her, twitching restlessly with a need to consume her, to apologize and make us whole again. I tapped once on the door, her silence burning my ears. I struggled to breathe when she unlatched it, the steam inviting me in with Aideen’s permission.

She stood in front of the sink, staring at the foggy mirror with her knuckles whitening against the countertop. I lingered in the doorway, watching as her silhouette hardened every last piece of me. I approached Aideen from behind, my hands quivering with desperation to touch her, and she spun to face me.
The tie of her robe slipped through my fingers, separating the layers of fabric to reveal an intoxicating hint of her skin. I held her gaze tentatively, waiting for her permission. My skin throbbed in anticipation, rewarded only by the small trail of her flickering gaze that traveled between my eyes and stomach. It was her yes and my undoing.

Survival & Revenge Full Cover.jpg

Fueled by coffee and rainy days, shelves of books consuming her home in the Pacific Northwest, and a vivid imagination, Fiona writes about love because she believes the world needs more of it. She could spend eternity lost in a story, taken into someone’s thoughts while she is left lingering there long after the pages have turned. Fiona works to meld themes in the current world and spin them into stories of longing, determination, and hope. Her characters are relatable and relevant, as they battle their own fictional version of existence.



FOUNDLINGS SERIES (Books must be read in order.)