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The Dragon’s Treasure

Happy Saturday !  My one – click  choice today comes from one of my favorite authors. 

SE Smith – if you haven’t read any of her books give her a try. This week her new book is the start of a new series -featuring a Dragon King in a lost Kingdom. Lisa


The Dragon Treasure



Internationally acclaimed, New York Times and USA TODAY Bestselling author of Science Fiction, Urban Fantasy, and Paranormal Romance brings another action, adventure, and suspense-filled story to transport readers out of this world.

Choose your treasure carefully, thief…

Drago, King of the Isle of Dragons, is the last of the magnificent dragons of the Seven Kingdoms. Bitter and alone, he abandons the emptiness of his realm and retreats to the caverns beneath the palace. In the form of his dragon, he remains hidden from the world, protecting the Dragon’s Heart, the last legacy of his people – until he is disturbed by a most unlikely thief.
Carly Tate’s trip to Yachats State Park takes an unexpected turn when she is caught in a sudden storm. Seeking shelter, she stumbles through a magical doorway into a cavern filled with treasure! Yet, as incredible as the piles of glittering gold and jewels are, her gaze is transfixed by the slumbering form of a magnificent dragon.
Carly’s appearance begins a series of events that will not only change Drago’s life, but will affect all of the Seven Kingdoms. Can a centuries old dragon protect his most valuable treasure, or will the evil that destroyed his race take Carly from him as well?

My Book Review-  Another great book from this author. In this new series features an alpha dragon king – Drago and his Treasure Carly a fun spirited human. These two are wonderful together and just what Drago needs after losing all his dragon kin in a fight with a Dark magic user. This book introduces the reader to a whole new set of characters that I am sure we will see in future books. 

Review, The Book Club

My Review * Silver Silence


Tuesday – Book Club   Read  Silver  Silence – Nalini Singh 



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New York Times bestselling author Nalini Singh returns to her extraordinary Psy-Changeling world with a story of wild passion and darkest betrayal…

Control. Precision. Family. These are the principles that drive Silver Mercant. At a time when the fledgling Trinity Accord seeks to unite a divided world, with Silver playing a crucial role as director of a worldwide emergency response network, wildness and chaos are the last things she needs in her life. But that’s exactly what Valentin Nikolaev, alpha of the StoneWater bears, brings with him.

Valentin has never met a more fascinating woman. Though Silver is ruled by Silence–her mind clear of all emotion–Valentin senses a whisper of fire around her. That’s what keeps him climbing apartment buildings to be near her. But when a shadow assassin almost succeeds in poisoning Silver, the stakes become deadly serious…and Silver finds herself in the heart of a powerful bear clan.

Her would-be assassin has no idea what their poison has unleashed…

My book Review-  Okay – first I’am a long time fan of this series. And after reading some reviews and checking other sources -I bought the book (its a about 500 pages and my budget is spent ) but a great read for any fan. This is suppose to be book 1 of the Accord Trilogy and takes place in Russia. Silver (love the name) is Psy still in silence and Valentin ( alpha Bear) – yes Bears this time. As the other book between Psy and changelings  this is an exciting book with lots of twist and turn and a special twist in mating. If you are a fan -read it. If you are new to this series (LOL) or need to catch up – Try the library -mine had them all but this new one- and I couldn’t wait.   Looking forward to book 2 – Lisa 


Review of Cougar Bait



Cougar Bait Buy Link

Samantha Becker is a busy and talented trauma surgeon with no time for nonsense. Her sister may have a special Shifter Gene, but Sammie is fairly certain she doesn’t have it, and she’s happy with her life the way it is. She doesn’t need the complicated Shifter lifestyle, and she certainly doesn’t need Liam Keller: Alpha cougar, Mayor of Cougarville and undercover billionaire. She hates him, but Liam is unable to get the curvy surgeon out of his head.

But the Shifter world isn’t ready to let Sammie go. She’s being stalked by someone who’s desperate for Shifter hormones, and Liam takes it upon himself to protect Sammie from harm. Things begin heating up between Sammie and Liam, but will they have to succumb to their inner animals in order to save Sammie’s life?

Cougar Bait is fun, sexy and will take readers on an emotional thrill ride.


My Book Thoughts-  (Net Galley)- Book 2 in the Cougarville series. And its finally Liam turn to find a mate with the shifter gene. But Sammie doesn’t think she is like her sister and doesn’t understand why Lima thinks she has it. Sammie is a smart trauma surgeon she doesn’t want an alpha or the gene or kids -she has it all and is involved with her career but when things go wrong she will be glad her alpha is there to protect her. Looking forward to the next book in this series – Stone Cold Fox’s .   Lisa 


Crazy for You


Crazy for You
Risking It All #2

By: Rachel Lacey

Releasing: March 28, 2017




“Rachel Lacey is a sure-fire star.” — Lori Wilde, New York Times bestselling author


Emma Rush can’t remember a time when she didn’t have a thing for Ryan Blake. Haven’s resident bad boy is just so freakin’ hot-with tattoos, a motorcycle, and enough rough-around-the-edges sexiness to melt all her self-control. Now that Emma’s over being a “good girl,” she needs a little help being naughty . . . and she knows just where to start.

Before Emma’s brother enlisted in the military, he made Ryan promise that he would protect her from everything–including himself. When her brother doesn’t come home, Ryan needs to turn his screwed-up life around to honor his pledge. But he knows he’s still not the right kind of guy for someone as sweet as Emma. Only he can’t stop wanting to be with her. Wanting her. Falling in love with a good girl may be the craziest risk this bad boy can take . . .


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The perfect little small town romance with Ryan and Emma in a town called Haven. Ryan has always been that bad boy her brothers friend – but Emmy has always had feeling for him but now that her brother is dead will his memories keep them apart. Another great small town romance with great characters written by this outstanding author. Waiting patiently for the next book in this great book.  lisa

is a
contemporary romance author and semi-reformed travel junkie. She’s been climbed
by a monkey on a mountain in Japan, gone scuba diving on the Great Barrier
Reef, and camped out overnight in New York City for a chance to be an extra in
a movie. These days, the majority of her adventures take place on the pages of
the books she writes. She lives in warm and sunny North Carolina with her
husband, son, and a variety of rescue pets.


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Review- Inevitable by Lea Hart

I was excited to get the e-mail the next book was out from Lea Hart. This series is close to my heart because it features hot alpha guys from My home state. Actually a short drive away.  So I thought I would share some  of my pictures of places mentioned in the book. Lisa 

Inevitable (Destiny Series Book 2)




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Brady neutralizes dangerous threats for a protection company. Claire is the indispensable tech partner who keeps him safe…until he decides that’s the last thing he wants.

Claire Hughes is a tech genius with a resume that includes a stint at the CIA. She’s funny and beautiful, but inexperienced with men, and that is something that definitely needs to change. So, she decides to find a partner the logical way and creates an online dating profile, making sure her potential mates are suitable. They must share her interests, lifestyles and goals. Otherwise, why bother? It doesn’t compute. Setting herself up on an entire week of questionnaire-approved dates, she knows she’ll find the perfect man.
But former FBI agent Brady Landry takes one look at her all dressed up for a night out, and he’s hooked. He starts think about her as more than the girl genius who keeps him and his team mates safe. She’s all woman, and he wants her as his own.
Then he learns about her week-long plan to let a computer choose a man for her, and he knows he has to throw a monkey wrench in this system. Her ideas about compatibility make no sense to him. Because, he knows chemistry is what couples need, not matching ones and zeros. All he has to do is convince her.
Things heat up when Claire begs Brady to rescue her from a disastrous computer-generated date. Things start to simmer when they spend more time together. Things boil over when Brady convinces Claire to take a chance on chemistry.
Just when their happy-ever-after seems within reach, Claire’s life is threatened, and Brady must use all his experience with fierceness and firearms to save her. The ordeal preys on both their fears: just when they give and accept love, they’ll be left alone.
Will this system go down forever, or can they hack their way back into each other’s hearts?


It’s a great book with characters you will love. But before you start the book download and read book 1 – that started the series. Done- Ok Brady time. The next Landry brother to meet his One -is Claire. Claire is a genius -ex CIA and computer hacker who works with Brady. After seeing Claire start dating guys she found on an on line dating site – he knows he must act fast if he wants Claire. Claire has her own problems but those Landry guys know how to treat a lady and soon shes all his. A great book and I’am looking forward to the next. Lisa 

So  what If you are not from the area ? Here pictures of a few of the places mentioned in the book-  Enjoy!  Lisa

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Review – Midnight Fever

It’s Live !

5-MidnightFever_600x900 (1)


Fighting fire with fire


Nick Mancino always gets what he wants — until now. Despite his seductive persistence, brainy, beautiful scientist Kay Hudson continues to elude him. However, Nick was a Navy Seal, and an FBI Special Agent, so giving up isn’t an option.

Ever since that incendiary kiss they shared when Nick saved her beloved grandfather’s life, Kay’s been having red hot fever dreams about Nick, but she’s got no business being tempted by anything. She’s on the verge of risking her reputation, her career, her very life, to blow the lid off a deadly bioweapons conspiracy, and Nick’s smoldering eyes, rock-hard body and hot, searching lips should be the very last thing on her mind. 

However, with so much to lose, she deserves one blazing night of pleasure with Nick before she disappears forever.


But Nick won’t let her face her demons alone . . . and they  will have to face down an enemy that could consume them…and the entire world.


My Review- I was excited to get an early copy of Lisa Marie Rice- Midnight Fever another book in her Midnight Man series. I was not disappointed in this newest book. Nick is the newest gut to join the team and hes had feeling about Kay since helping with her grandfathers case. But Kay is in trouble -but if you have to be in trouble you want these guys in your corner. An exciting follow up in this great series. If you haven’t read this series do – you will fall in love with all the characters from these books.  Lisa