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The Best Man’s Proposal
by Wynter Daniels
Release Date: 9/18/2017

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Niki Hamilton had her hopes pinned on moving to Europe with her boyfriend. But
then he dumped her. By text message. Just before her sister’s wedding. Left
dateless in a flamingo-pink monstrosity of a bridesmaid dress, she decides to
drown her sorrows in a glass of tall, dark, and handsome.

Firefighter Grant Powers has been burned by love, but when his best friend’s
new sister-in-law falls into his arms—and stays there for one sexy night—he
enjoys the experience a little too much.

Then a rental snafu leaves Niki temporarily homeless. So, gentleman and
masochist that he is, Grant offers his spare bedroom. Despite the smoldering
sexual tension between them, starting anything would be playing with fire.
Now, they just have to survive living together for a few weeks…


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Daddy Protector * MC Romance


unnamed (6)

Sometimes the only one that can save you from the law, is an outlaw!

I want to rip that cops c*ck off. And I’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe.

Find out if he can manage that in…

Daddy Protector

Here’s the blurb…

Sometimes the only one that can save you from the law, is an outlaw!

She can resist all she wants. I might be twice her age. I might have been her father’s best friend. But now I want to claim her perfect body. I want to protect her from her abusive cop husband. The law can’t touch me. But I can touch her.
She tries to deny she needs protection. I know better. I want to rip that cops c*ck off. And I’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe.

I wasn’t prepared for this. I needed to escape the abuse, but didn’t know how. Now my only refuge is this sexy as hell biker who was my dad’s best friend, and twice my age. I’m tired of making stupid mistakes, I ain’t no damsel in distress. But when I press close to his hard body I want to surrender to him completely. Will he still stand by to protect me when it means he may have to sacrifice his freedom?

Daddy Protector: Pythons MC is a standalone, steamy bad boy romance with guaranteed HEA, and no cliffhanger! It’s also the second book in the Pythons MC series.


His Virgin Bride * Kara Hart


unnamed (5)



There are only two choices: say “I do,” or leave forever.

Do I have any option? But in the end, will I still be his one and only?

Find more on that in

His Virgin Bride

Here’s the blurb…

Here’s a story…
I fell in love with my “first.” Sound about right?
Well, love isn’t an option this time.
There are two choices: say “I do,” or leave forever.
But in the end, will I still be his one and only?

The first time I met James Mason, my number was up. I couldn’t stop smiling. When he talked to me in the parking lot, I knew he’d be the one.

I should have ran when I had the chance.

He looked at me like I was the answer to all his problems. He couldn’t resist. Neither could I.

We fall into our own world, where he promises me all that I can dream of. When he holds me, I’m his everything.

My heart pounds. My body aches. Something inside of me changes. And at the end of all this, I get totally screwed.

He gives me an offer. A proposal for marriage, in exchange for some crap piece of land. I’m left floored. Breathless. Shattered.

When your heart is broken, you start to understand just how the world works. I said I’d never forgive him, but there’s a first time for everything.

Why shouldn’t I be his to have, to hold, and to touch forever?

**His Virgin Bride is a standalone, full length small town romance novel with a HEA and absolutely NO CLIFFHANGERS!**

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Book Club * Cocktail Time

It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere and Time for Cocktails and Appetizers with a Book twist 

I’am kicky my first Friday post off with a personnel favorite of mine -So Grab a good book and Enjoy * Because Its 5 o’clock Somewhere .  Lisa 

Read about Cocktail named after Classic Books here @      Barnes & Nobles blog

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Today’s Drink – The Whiskey Sour

1/2 cup water

1 cup sugar

11/2 cups  lemon juice

2 cups straight bourbon Whiskey

2 tablespoon cherry juice

Cook water & sugar to syrup. Add lemon .Take off stove and add remaining ingredients. Chill . Serve over ice with orange slice.



Roasted Pecans with Rosemary

2 lb pecans

3 tbls  butter

3 T chopped Rosemary

2 T Brown Sugar

1 tsp of red pepper flakes

salt & pepper to taste.

Toast pecan is oven-slowly about 30 minutes @ 250 degrees.  Add butter and salt and toast about 15 minutes. Add rest of ingredients in a bowl with hot nuts -toss.

I make a big batch at Christmas time and place in bags and give out.  Lisa





Book Spotlight, new

Breaking Away * Megan Lowe Now Live

Breaking Away
by Megan Lowe


unnamed (4)

NEW!!! Breaking Away by Megan Lowe is available now!!!

“Another great story with enthralling characters that leave you wanting to revisit them again and again. A MUST read book and series.” ~ Spunky N Sassy Book Blog


To the outside world, Mav Ryan is living the dream. With a high profile and successful FMX career, it’s something Mav knows a million guys would kill to have. But not him. He yearns for something different, something more.

Aubrey James has had enough of bad boys to last a lifetime. When her brother, Josh, brings home the heavily tattooed definition of a bad boy, Mav, she wants nothing to do with him. It’s not until a shadow from Aubrey’s past threatens her future, that to her surprise, Mav steps in.

But can he fight her demons as well as his own? Or will Mav realise that sometimes breaking away can lead to finding your home?

Goodreads link:






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Dirty Little Secrets * Brook Wilder



unnamed (3)



The baby was supposed to be our dirty little secret.

The last thing I needed was to babysit the MC President’s innocent daughter.
That perfect ass of hers taunts me with every step and leaves me aching for release.
I was supposed to keep her safe.
I was supposed to keep my hands off her.
Instead, I left my baby growing inside her.

Her father put me in charge of keeping her safe.
He gave me one rule: keep my hands off his precious daughter.
But staring at her perfect ass all day left me hard as rock.
I can see it from the way she looks at me that we both want the same thing.

Her petite body pinned under me.
Her hot little mouth screaming my name.

It was supposed to be a one-time thing.
Nobody was supposed to find out.
Until I knocked her up and all hell broke loose.

Now the secret’s out:
She’s carrying my child, and her father’s out for my blood.
But no way in hell am I giving up what’s mine.

Click here to read Dirty Little Secret today!

FREE on Kindle Unlimited

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Ryder * Caveman Instinct

I think you might like this book – “Ryder: Caveman Instinct — Gypsy Curse Book 3” by Hazel Gower, Diana Stager Thomas.

Start reading it for free:

I am happy to see this 3rd book out. And it’s Ryder the maverick Silverman book and his vixen Divinty. This is a great series and instant love to the max. This book is a little different from the rest of the series but a winner. One click this book.📚🎉


Monday in the Jung household-

Glad to be home on this hot and humid Monday morning. We survived a week in Lafayette at Cyber Camp for my teenager and Mom & Dad exploring the city.

We ate at  some great places and i did some shopping.  No school shopping which everyone here was doing !  (that’s another post) But I did hit my favorite craft stores for some great supplies. I will be sharing some of those projects in the coming weeks.


Monday- 7/17

As a family we decided to drop our television service and go with a streaming service. We already had Amazon Prime and Netflix  – we just added HULU service.  We had only watched a few channels on satellite  and this was a big saving in money.

Today we are watching TV Classics- Rockford files, Simon & Simon, Remington Steele  & Air Wolf 

Have you tried any of the streaming services ? Have a favorite series you follow? Whats your thoughts on it?  Let Me Know –


Lunch Time – Hot dogs on the grill with sides.

Afternoon Plans – Yard cleaning (after the rain we had), Driving Lessons (hubby & son) and Mom has a new book waiting .

Supper – On the grill -its to hot to cook inside.

Have a great Monday ! Lisa