Comfort Food By Sally Goldenbaum

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Hobby Reads

Are there frustrating days in your life when the only thing that brings relief is a generous helping of your favorite comfort food? Days that you would give up winning the lottery for a helping of your mother’s mac and cheese or Aunt Eunice’s mashed potatoes?

Nell Endicott feels this urge in Murder Wears Mittens when the seaside knitters are faced with a grisly death—a crime that pulls a young mother of two into its suffocating web.  To bring calm and focus while they ponder the perplexing murder of Dolores Cardozo, she arrives at Thursday night knitting with Izzy, Cass, and Birdie carrying her favorite comfort food.

 Q: Is Nell’s comfort food the same as yours? Can you identify it from this sprinkling of details?

  • A splash of red wine. . .
  • Sweet, caramelized onions. . .
  • Bacon and savory tomato sauce?

 It proves to be the…

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