Monday in the Jung household-

Glad to be home on this hot and humid Monday morning. We survived a week in Lafayette at Cyber Camp for my teenager and Mom & Dad exploring the city.

We ate at  some great places and i did some shopping.  No school shopping which everyone here was doing !  (that’s another post) But I did hit my favorite craft stores for some great supplies. I will be sharing some of those projects in the coming weeks.


Monday- 7/17

As a family we decided to drop our television service and go with a streaming service. We already had Amazon Prime and Netflix  – we just added HULU service.  We had only watched a few channels on satellite  and this was a big saving in money.

Today we are watching TV Classics- Rockford files, Simon & Simon, Remington Steele  & Air Wolf 

Have you tried any of the streaming services ? Have a favorite series you follow? Whats your thoughts on it?  Let Me Know –


Lunch Time – Hot dogs on the grill with sides.

Afternoon Plans – Yard cleaning (after the rain we had), Driving Lessons (hubby & son) and Mom has a new book waiting .

Supper – On the grill -its to hot to cook inside.

Have a great Monday ! Lisa 


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