Michael Weekly talks about Bon Chance Press –

Are you a Book Reader or Blogger? Are maybe an Author ? Today’s post is for You. 

On Lisa Book Blog I will be introducing you too Michael Weekly from the new Bon Chance Press. 

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“Bon Chance” is a Cajun term meaning “Good Luck!” Here at BCP, we believe every author needs a little luck to go with their natural talent, drive, and hard work. That’s why we’re here! We believe wholeheartedly that publishing companies should put the authors first, so we put our brains together and opened up a press created by and for authors. We also believe that millions of talented authors are never given a fair chance to get their lovely words out there for the whole world to see, simply because they are the wrong color, gender, age, etcetera, or they write in the “wrong genre.” That’s why we’re here!  Bon Chance website

Micheal and I talk about what makes Bon Chance special in this competitive market –

1)  What is your company mission statement?
Our press was created by authors, for authors. Meaning, everyone who is a part of the BCP family is an author, so we know exactly what authors not only need but want in a publisher. Bon Chance means “good luck” in Cajun Creole. We also believe that every author needs a little luck to go with their passion, talent, and hard work. That’s where we come in!
 2) What changes are you making in the book industry ?
BCP strives to change the industry by being the press who works hand in hand with their authors and puts their needs above our own. Plus, we are a press that doesn’t just say we are open to diverse literature, but we actually embrace #ownvoices and authors from every walk of life.
 3) What kind of services will you offer to your authors  ? Both too new and published authors?
For both new and established authors, we offer many services and terms that most indies won’t touch. For example, we have hired a team of the best editors, graphic designers, and bloggers to help our authors not only make their book something we can all be proud of, but marketable and competitive in the industry. This includes marketing services, such as book trailers, blog tours, and cover reveals. We also offer contract terms that are as good, if not better, than most indies out there. We hide nothing and everything an author needs to know is clearly displayed on the FAQ Page of our website.
 4)  I see you are seeking  submissions ? What advice do  you have for new authors ?
I would tell new authors to do their research first and foremost. It’s not just enough to write a killer novel. You have to present your novel in a professional way that will stand out from the crowd. This means to make sure your query letter is properly written and formatted and that you’ve followed not only the industry guidelines but our guidelines, as well. Again, our submission requirements are clearly displayed on the Submission Page of our website.
 5) Where do you see your company in 5 Years ?
In 5 years, I’d love to see BCP ranked as a strong competitor in the industry. I’d like us to have maintained the image and reputation we are striving hard to establish. I’d love to see us publishing award-winning and best-selling novels. It’s more important to me, however, to have a personal relationship with each author in our family than it is to be a multi-million dollar press. Bigger is not always better. I’d rather have time to devote to each book and every author than to be so bogged down with books that I don’t even know my authors’ names. That being said, I do want to see us continue to grow along the same trajectory we’re currently experiencing.
Thank You for Being with me at  Lisa Book Blog @ LEL –   Lisa
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More information on Bon Chance Press check out Bon Chance Press Facebook Page
Interested in submitting something more info here- Submission page

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